Green Statement

Committed to supporting ecological consciousness

Shéady Acres takes great pride in making sure our environmentally responsible practices help achieve a sustainable future. The foundation of our business is centered on the preservation of our northeast region. It is important to us to embrace practices that foster cultural sustainability in combination with other eco-friendly efforts to preserve the precious resources of our town, our state and our world.   At Shéady Acres, we constantly challenge ourselves to provide the right environment for our guests. To achieve this, we rely heavily on external resources, such as water, energy, waste-recycling services, eco-friendly cleaning materials, detergents, and laundry services. In fact, we depend on the very same items we use in our homes, but in greater volumes. We also realize the need to protect our natural environment and, as such, we place huge importance on the management of these precious resources. Over time, we have been implementing policies and systems designed to reduce the impact we have on our natural environment.

Our Green and eco-friendly practices in place or underway include the following:

All letterhead and envelopes used for business purposes are printed on recycled paper.
Tissue paper and paper towels used are made from recycled materials.
By giving our guests the option to re-use towels and linens, it helps us reduce laundry detergent and promote water conservation.
Use of environmentally safe or non-toxic cleaning agents and chemicals.
All usable items such as linens, towels, furniture, drapes, appliances and bedspreads are donated to local non-profit organizations during renovations, thus reducing landfill waste.
Use of durable eco-friendly non-disposable dishes, cups, glasses, mugs, tableware and plates. Use of cotton towels in kitchens is encouraged.
Non-smoking cottages.
Equipment replacement focusing on energy efficiencies.
Monitoring energy usage and implementation systems to reduce wastage such as spay foam insulation in all cottages and on-demand hot water systems. Reducing our carbon footprint.  We line dry all linens and towels during summer months.  In addition to this, we have an environmental partnership as part of the Vermont Green Hotels Program and hope to achieve further energy savings over time with the installation of state of the art technologies that implement efficient use of energy.
Waste recycling programs.   Launched in 2009, our waste management program directs our waste from landfill towards “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle”. We have recycling receptacles in each cottage.  All guest are encouraged to recycle glass, cardboard, paper, aluminum, Styrofoam, #1 and #2 plastics, and cans.   We also provide compost receptacles in each cottage for organic waste, which is prepared and passed for composting.
LED exterior lighting, and solar lighting where ever possible.  CFL light bulbs used when possible.
Use of metal keys for entry into cottages.

What can you do? 

During your stay you could help too by doing the following…
Turn off all lights when leaving your cottage. Turn off the TV when leaving your cottage.  If your cottage is hot, turn the heating down before opening windows.  Don’t throw/take away the shampoo and conditioner bottles, we re-use these by refilling.  Recycle and compost.  Use the kitchen towel provided instead of paper towels.  Save water…   Please don’t flush non-biodegradable materials.
Thanks ever so much for helping to achieve our environmental goals.

Shéady Acres is Caring For Our Communities and Our Earth!

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