The Sugar House Cottage

Cottage Description

Enjoy a true Vermont experience. Many visitors to our state visit a sugar house and some even get to make maple syrup. But how many of them get to sleep in one? That is our inspiration for this cottage. Featuring the traditional sugar shack copula, letting in great natural light and locally harvested rough pine siding. You’ll also enjoy the soothing aroma of cedar and the locally milled wide plank pine that is so common this area of Vermont.

The unique trim is called “spalted maple”. When a downed tree takes on moisture and starts to rot it gives the wood these incredible patterns. This particular tree was lying just fifty feet from the cottage. Our neighbor Jason Day suggested reclaiming and repurpose it with his Alaskan sawmill. Jason also helped us spray foam insulate each cottage, making the cottages wonderfully efficient and also very, very quiet.

The Sugar House Cottage allows 2 guests and is not pet friendly and features a small breakfast nook constructed from a pine plank given to us as a wedding present from the local ski/bike shop owner. You’ll also enjoy the roomy bathroom, highlighted by a salvaged authentic claw foot tub. The wood in the bathroom came out of the Montgomery wooden toy factory. A place where much of our recycled wood came from, and was generously donated by its now owner. Lastly, the sink. This sink came out of my childhood home in Enosburg Falls, VT. I guess we hung onto it over the years for this purpose. The artwork is all locally produced and gifted to Shéady Acres for your viewing pleasure. The Sugar House Cottage delivers the essence of clean and simple Vermont living. Oh and by the way, the curtains were all made by my mom.

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