The Tea House Cottage

Cottage Description

“The Tea House” is a tribute to Asian culture. Simplicity. Symmetry. Sake. A pergola and large deck will lead you into this “Chashitsu”. You will find a timber framed ceiling, bamboo floors and counter top, as well as shoji doors. This may be your only chance to stay in a Japanese pagoda in Northern Vermont allows 2 guests and is not pet friendly.

The traditional style of Japanese is fascinating and fun to build. As a dedication to master craftsmen of the ancient orient we used traditional hand tools on some of the construction, but most was completed with today’s technology.  Exterior finish features up turned fascia and soffit boards, custom colored exterior boards and trim and cedar decking to enhance the design.

The round window was a must to complete the look. Inside the floor is bamboo as well as the countertops. The cabinets were made on site with our faux shoji doors as a focal point. The timbers that comprise the structure of the building are local Hemlock and the trim is recycled, stained and once again given the up turned treatment. The textured walls and décor was all picked out by Shawna, who has taken countless trips to the big city since this project began and really honed her interior decorating skills. The finishing touch was the arbor or pergola we made to serve as the entryway.

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